Dr. Teerapat Sanguankotchakorn (Associate Professor)
Faculty_1 Email: teerapat@ait.ac.th
Room: TC-211
Tel: +66-(0)-2-524-5757

  • High Speed Network Protocol
  • IP Network
  • Quality of Service based Routing Protocol
  • Mobile Ad Hoc Network
  • Digital Signal Processing
  Dr. Poompat Saengudomlert (Associate Professor) Adjunct Faculty
  index_html_m148d0307 Email: poompats@ait.ac.th
Room: TC-213
Tel: +66-(0)-2-524-5748

  • Mathematical analysis of telecommunication networks
  • Optical communications and networks
  • Network planning and resource allocation problems
  Dr. Teerawat Issariyakul (Adjunct Faculty)
  Teerawat Email: teerawat@ece.ubc.ca Interests

  • Markov-based modeling and Analysis; Markov Decision Process Protocol optimization
  • Cross-layer analysis in cognitive radio networks
  • Scheduling algorithms in centralized wireless networks such as cellular wireless networks
  • Medium access control protocols in single-hop and multi-hop
  • Distributed wireless networks such as IEEE 802.11
  • Model Analysis using stochastic domination and supermodularity Properties
  Dr. Attaphongse Taparugssanagorn (Assistant Professor)
   image002 Email:attaphongset@ait.asia
Tel: +(662) 524 5739
Tel: 088 62 88820
Fax: +(66-2) 524 5730


  • Advanced Wireless and Mobile Communication
  • Communication Theory
  • Information Theory
  • Detection and Estimation Techniques
  • Statistical Signal Processing
  • Indoor Localization