François Manguin


Before becoming a student of the Asian Institute of Technology (A.I.T.), I was studying in a french engineering school: Telecom SudParis (T.S.P.). These two schools had some dual degree agreements and that’s why I had the opportunity to apply for a Master of Science in Telecommunications at A.I.T. instead of doing my last year of studies at T.S.P. Moreover, the same agreement exists in the opposite direction for the students who want to spend a year of study in France at TSP.

As the only European student engaged in the Telecommunications field of study, I could have been worrying a bit about my integration among the other students. But on the contrary, I felt really integrated from the very start of the year. Some students had organized a Welcome Party during which we presented ourselves, played some games, etc. It allowed us to meet our classmates in a relaxed atmosphere and outside of work. It was also really exciting for me to meet people from all over the world! During this party, I met a Nepalese classmate with which I worked all over the year on the assignments and the exam preparations.

As I had to obtain 24 credits during my year at the A.I.T., I decided to attend the 5 proposed courses during the first semester in order to devote my second semester to a Research Study. The first semester was quite heavy but not insurmountable. We had approximatively 3 hours of lectures every day from Monday to Thursday and a lot of assignments. Each time we had some work to do, we met (me and my co-worker) at the library and tried to solve our assignments. This team work was really beneficial for the two of us as we could explain things to each other when one of us didn’t understand some point of the lecture. The teachers were also very helpful each time we were stuck somewhere in an assignment.

During the second semester, my work was a lot more personal since I had to conduct a Research Study. The first days consisted in the topic formulation. After those days, since I had chosen a topic that my advisor had validated, I had to present it in front of a jury composed of my advisor and two other committee members: it was the Proposal Defense. Thanks to the comments and recommendations made during this first meeting, I was able to finally start my Research Study in the best possible conditions. Then I worked really hard all along the semester and I met my advisor every week in order to ensure that I still was in the good direction. This semester allowed me to fully dedicate myself on a 5 months’ project and it also led me to submit a paper to an IEEE conference.

Finally, I would conclude by saying that this year at A.I.T. in the Telecommunications field of study was for me a very profitable and enjoyable experience, both through the technical knowledge and skills I had the opportunity to develop there and through the qualities of the persons I met.