Information and Communication Technology

In addition to hardware, software, and networks, AIT recognizes the indispensable importance of the interdisciplinary filed in the creation of complete National ICT infrastructure. In response to the needs for the offering of a curriculum selectively drawn from the curriculum of Telecommunications (TC), Computer Science, and Information Management (CSIM), Information and Communications Technology (ICT) was established in AIT in 2003. The ICT program at AIT aims to provide good exposure to these diverse aspects and promotes the emergence of the effective ICT infrastructures for accelerated social and economic development.

ICT students set his/her own objectives and choose courses accordingly. The program consists of core courses, elective courses and research (Thesis or Research Study).
Selected topics on varying subjects of current interest are offered as needed. Independent special studies are also undertaken by students, often to support the demands of their research.
Core and elective courses are offered from the areas of Telecommunications, Computer Science, Information Management, and Remote Sensing & Geographical Information Systems.
ICT is inherently multi-disciplinary so the focus of the studies may be weighted towards networks, applications, service provision, or the socio-economic aspects of ICT.

AIT graduates are expected to gain sufficient expertise to serve the varied needs of the higher-education, public, and private sectors. They are also expected to play a leading role in the sustainable development of the region and its integration into the global economy.