The Telecommunications (TC) Field of Study at AIT administers four degrees: Certificate of Advanced Studies, Master of Engineering, Master of Science and Doctor of Engineering in Telecommunications. The field has achieved broad coverage of the Telecommunications fields while being attentive to the needs of local, regional and international industry. The department offers students outstanding academic programs with a balanced mix of the underlying fundamental sciences and engineering principles and practice, as well as hands-on laboratory experiences, individual thesis work and ample opportunities for student involvement in its high-tech and modern research laboratories.

The department is very well regarded internationally. We have strategically built on areas such as, Wireless Communications, Switching, Network Planning and Optical communications with a focus to applying technologies to build technology professional in this part of the globe.

The department is a key-role player in a major higher education partnership between AIT and some regional governments of Asia. Top quality students of Asia and Europe are enrolled each year with fellowship support offered by AIT and scholarships offered by donor governments. Student assistantships are also offered on competitive basis.