Upeka De Silva



Doing a masters in AIT is one of the most valuable milestones in my life. After careful consideration of the MSc. Program in ICT, I realized that it perfectly matches my career objectives, because of its diverse coverage, program structures and flexibility in selecting courses. I have to say that AIT kept my trust and helped me a lot in improving myself getting exposure to novel technologies. Specifically I was able to select IT related courses together with telecommunication subjects filling gaps in my knowledge.

Talking about the academic environment, all the lecturers were friendly, passionate and encouraging. Classes were highly interactive and we were allowed to expand our knowledge through various projects and assignments going beyond lectures and exams. Students were always challenged and encouraged to perform their best, coming out of their comfort zones.

Moreover, in AIT, we were a part of a multicultural family consisting students from various countries. Throughout the stay, I could experience a lot about other cultures, values and enjoyed their friendship as well. Different events and trips organized by the student union were a great place to interact with students from the whole university. Further, people in Thailand were so helpful and trustworthy making my stay their secure. Therefore, apart from my degree, I could earn a set of new friends and immense of pleasurable moments.

I would like wish all the very best to whole AIT community, for gifting me a memorable period in my life.